The Differences Between Landscape Design and Hardscape Design

Landscape design and hardscape design go hand in hand. However, many people do not understand what the differences are between these terms and how a landscaping company can help you with both your hardscapes and landscaping to make your outdoor spaces look their best. If you are looking to install new landscaping in either your front or backyard, it is important that you understand what each of these terms mean and how they are used together. Here is more information on landscape design and hardscape design. '

Hardscape design refers to all of the hard or solid surfaces in your front or backyard. This may include your patio, pool surround or walkways. It may also refer to retaining walls and any solid walls or cement curbs that you place around your flower beds or trees. These solid surfaces in your yard can be complemented by the landscape design in your yard, including your grass, shrubs, trees and plants. Landscape and hardscape design go hand in hand because you need to be aware of where your hard surfaces are going, and how plants can impact them. You do not want to plant trees too close to your patio, as the tree roots can grow under the patio and lift the surface up. Likewise, you don't want to use shrubs with flowers that can stain your walkway pavers. A professional can coordinate both your hardscape and landscape to ensure they work well together.

Are you looking to design your front yard or backyard? If so, you will want to work with a professional who understands both hardscape design and landscape design. Lions Creek Construction and Landscaping can help you with both of these. Call us today and let's create plans to transform your outdoor space into the perfect retreat or sanctuary.